7two highlights include the new season premiere of Miss Scarlet and the Duke and Disasters at Sea, plus all new episodes of Escape to the Country, Gold Coast Ocean Rescue, Bondi Vet and Greatest Escapes to the Country.

Melbourne and Adelaide viewers will see an episode of Better Homes and Gardens, which will be screened in other markets on the main channel.

Sunday 27 August

7:00 Kath and Kim Kountdown (repeat)

8:10 Kath and Kim Kountdown (repeat)

9:20 Mrs. Brown’s Boys (repeat)

9:55 Mrs. Brown’s Boys (repeat)

10:30 Disasters at Sea (ep 1 of 6 in season 2) *New Season Premiere
Note: This episode has aired in Brisbane and Perth

11:30 Pie in the Sky (repeat)

Monday 28 August

7:30 Doc Martin (repeat)

8:30 Endeavour (repeat)

10:30 Air Crash Investigation: Special Report (repeat)

Tuesday 29 August

7:30 The Coroner (repeat)

8:30 Inspector George Gently (repeat)

10:30 Law & Order: UK (repeat)

Wednesday 30 August

7:30 Heartbeat (repeat)

8:45 Lewis (repeat)

10:45 Law & Order: UK (repeat)

Thursday 31 August

7:30 Father Brown (repeat) *First Time on 7Two

8:40 Miss Scarlet and the Duke (ep 1 of 6 in season 2) *New Season Premiere

9:40 Miss Fisher Modern Murder Mysteries (repeat)

10:40 Murdoch Mysteries (repeat)

Friday 1 September

Sydney Brisbane Perth

7:30 Border Security: International (repeat)

8:00 Border Security: International (repeat)


7:30 Better Homes and Gardens (ep 31 in season 29)


7:00 Better Homes and Gardens (ep 31 in season 29)

All Markets

8:30 Escape to the Country (ep 51 of 53 in season 28)

9:30 Escape to the Country (repeat)

10:30 Escape to the Country (repeat)

11:30 Escape to the Country (repeat)

12:30 Border Security: International (repeat)

Saturday 2 September

6:00 Gold Coast Ocean Rescue (ep 9 of 10 in season 1)

6:30 Bondi Vet (ep 3 of 10 in season 12)

7:30 The Yorkshire Vet (repeat)

8:30 Escape to the Country (ep 10 in season 29)

9:30 Greatest Escapes to the Country (ep 15 of 15 in season 1) *Season Final

10:15 The Great Outdoors: Greatest Escapes (repeat)

Pulled from the Schedule


Awaiting Return

Dog Patrol (season 10)

Chris Tarrant’s Extreme Railway Journeys (season 6)